Authora's Encrypted Data Gateway Engine, "EDGE" SDK is an ideal multi-platform tool for implementing strong security into your apllications. Integrate all the cryptograhic features and functionality available in EDGE Commmand line... including encryption, decryption, digital signing, verification and key management.

EDGE SDK is shipped with a simple C language API for entering EDGE commands. The central function in this API imitates the EDGE command line, allowing EDGEcommands normally issued from the command line to be called through the API. Four supporting functions for freeing allocated memory, translating returned error codes, and initializing and cleaning up the API are also provided. This package makes it simpler to call EDGE commands from other languages and to improve performance when comannds are called repeatedly

COMPLIANT - EDGE SDK is totally compliant with the OpenPGP standard
(IETF RFC 2440) and FIPS 140-2
SAFE -EDGE SDK allows use of smart pointers - do not worry about deleting the
objects you create
COMPATIBLE - EDGE SDK is compatible with the PGP 6 extensions: User's
photograph and X.509 certificates
CROSS-PLATFORM - EDGE SDK is available on several platforms, Microsoft
Windows, & most Unix implementations, ...
API'S - EDGE SDK Easy Java-like interface
STREAMING - EDGE SDK allows use of streams in most processes for
speed and to reduce disk access
ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Threads, TCP/IP, File management, Memory
management, List & collection management, Map management, more...


The following header files are included in the EDGE SDK package:

ACLPlatform.h - This header file contains definitions specific to the platform you are running.
ACLTypes.h - Ths head file defines basic types independent of your platfomr
EDGE_SDK.h This header file contains the prototypes of the four exported functions need to use EDGE SDK.

EDGE SDK ships with a dynamic library (DLL) exporting 4 functions. The name of this library differs depending on the platform.

EDGE_SDK.dll on Windows,
EDGE_SDK.so on other systems

EDGE SDK API provides the following functions:


In order to set up the proper environment for EDGE SDK API calls, the EDGEInit() function must first be called before calling any other EDGE SDK functions. This creates a context of type EDGEContextREf that is used in subsequent EDGE SDK API calls in the current process, including API calls from thread spawned from the current process.

A corresponding call to EDGECleanUp() must be made at some point to release the context. You can call EDGEInit() more than once in a process, provided you call EDGECleanUP() to release the current context before you create a new one.

The syntax and parameters for each of the EDGE SDK API functions are described below.

Creates a context for use in subsequent API calls. Only one such contexxt should exist at a time in a process. The context is typically created near the beginning of an application in its main thread before spawing any other threads.

ACLSInt32 EDGEInit (
EDGEContextRef * context);
context API context

A call to EDGECleanUp() must be made to free the context created by this function when a process finishes making EDGE SDK API calls. The same process can create more than one process before releasing the first created one.

This function returns 0 if no error occorred.

#include "EDGE_SDK.h"
EDGEContextRef pContext;
ACLSInit32 error;

error = EDGEInit (&pContext);
uf (err) printf("An error occurred, err=%ld\n",error)'
Releases a context created by EDGEInit(). Call this function when a process is finished making EDGE SDK API.
Releases a context created by EDGEInit(). Call this function when a process is finished making EDGE SDK API.

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July 27, 2011 - By Jamie Lendino

Customize EDGE to meet your exact business requirements. If your cryptographic functionality needs are limited you will save on licensing.

Whether you require full functionality with unlimted keys,or have limited requirments, ie: sign only, or decrypt veryify only, or you just have 1 partner you cryptographicaly communicate with and only need one key pair, let us know & we will customize your license.. d mor

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Authora's Encrypted Data Gateway Engine "EDGE" is FIPS compliant. Official certification is in process with NIST. Estimated certification is 2013.
Edge Version 4.0 coming
Authora Edge Version 4.0 is estimated to be released in January 2013. Updates soon.